Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has taken the crypto world by storm. The prospects of taking your crypto stash and feeding them into complex yield-producing machines means that you no longer have to sit on inert holdings and patiently wait for them to appreciate. Whether you prefer lower risk lending and pooling or higher risk farming strategies, there’s a flavor out there for you and your risk tolerance.

When SushiSwap first launched, it introduced yield farming and DeFi to a huge portion of the crypto world. Unfortunately, it was mired in controversy, not to mention high inflation.

A while later, the CORE…

I gotta say, this past month has exceeded the Cörlibri team’s and community’s expectations! So far, we’ve partnered with 3 separate communities and projects since launch: Clover Protocol, TRIIAD, and RUGZ. Now, we’re proud to announce our FOURTH and latest community partnership with RYI Unity!

The RYI Unity project is the first community owned and run frictionless yield aggregator. No staking or waiting, your rewards are sent directly to your wallet. The code has been verified , our project is safe and secure. Learn more about the project on our website:

The RYI community is as tight knit as…


Cörlibri is a high-yield deflationary token with real utility. It is the first of many projects to be released under the Cörlibri brand.

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