Cörlibri: The Launch of an Ecosystem

Corn is the largest farm crop in the world, second only to ERC-20 tokens.

Introducing Cörlibri

Hydroelectric dams restrict the flow of water (liquidity) in order to create power (yield). Cörlibri works the same way, but never leaks the liquidity. [Note: not a live photo]
Kevin the Robot may look cute, but he is dead inside. He only lives to take your little coppers. He hopes of being able to buy a soul one day.
Observe as this gentle farmer walks confidently. He knows his crop is safe from filthy inflation.
A talented artist, creator, and/or maker tenderly crafting a limited edition Cörlibri NFT. [Dramatization]
Enjoy as CörDeck’s nimble hands bring you the treasures found amongst the fields of ERC-20 carcasses.



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Cörlibri is a high-yield deflationary token with real utility. It is the first of many projects to be released under the Cörlibri brand.