Partners, Collabs, & Pools, oh my!

I gotta say, this past month has exceeded the Cörlibri team’s and community’s expectations! So far, we’ve partnered with 3 separate communities and projects since launch: Clover Protocol, TRIIAD, and RUGZ. Now, we’re proud to announce our FOURTH and latest community partnership with RYI Unity!

Our fourth and latest community partnership!

The RYI community is as tight knit as our own, and we are all extremely excited to work together. As of today, you will be able trade Cörlibri and RYI directly and effortlessly on Uniswap. Additionally, liquidity farming options are available live today for the Cörlibri/RYI pool on the Cörlibri website’s farming section.

We invite everyone to say hi over at the RYI Unity’s telegram group and meet some of the warmest yet coolest peeps you’ll encounter around the crypto-sphere. Don’t forget to ask questions about their latest developments and community efforts!

As always, the Cörlibri team is working tirelessly to develop, grow, and improve our core and partner communities. Adding value to the project is our number one goal. Stay tuned for our community update post to be released right here on Medium!

Cörlibri is a high-yield deflationary token with real utility. It is the first of many projects to be released under the Cörlibri brand.